R.I.P. 1955-1999
Developed in 1917 with a camp lookout, the mountain received a D-6 cupola cabin in 1923. In the 1930's, a 30' pole tower with L-4 cab was built. A 29' treated timber tower with an L-4 cab arrived in 1955. Later the cab was modified to a flat roof, and was last staffed in the late 1970's. The tower was blown over during a windstorm on October 31, 1999.
Kaniksu National Forest
12 miles WSW of Bonner's Ferry
Boundary County, Idaho
Elevation 7260'
USGS Benchmark TO1096

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Roman Nose in 1921 Roman Nose cupola cabin Roman Nose L.O. Roman Nose 1st L-4 tower Roman Nose in 1955 Roman Nose L.O.
Photos courtesy of Gary Weber and the Dave Bula collection