Developed in 1911 with a log cabin 1 mile east, a D-1 log cupola cabin was added on the summit in 1914. By 1941, a 10' pole L-4 tower was constructed, replaced by the present 2-story concrete & frame live-in tower in 1983. It is staffed in August and is also available to rent in July through the Stillwater State Forest office. The L-4 cab was moved to a museum 1 mile south of Kalispell in 1987.
Montana DNRC
12 miles NNW of Whitefish
Flathead County, Montana
Elevation 6960'
USGS Benchmark TN0792
USGS Benchmark TN0793

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Werner Peak in 1941 Werner Peak in 1941 Werner Peak in 1941 Werner Peak in 2004 Werner Peak in 2022
Photos courtesy of Barbara Boorman, Dominic Luebbers, and Luke Channer