R.I.P. 1914-1930; 1940-?
Established in 1911 with an alidade on the summit and a log cabin in a meadow below the top, a log cabin was constructed atop the peak in 1914 along with a 10' platform. A 10' live-in tower followed in 1930, replaced by a 10' treated timber L-4 tower in 1940. Abandoned in 1966, it has since been removed.
Mt. Hood National Forest
9 miles ENE of Mt. Hood
Hood River County, Oregon
Elevation 6525'
USGS Benchmark RC2237
USGS Benchmark RC2238
USGS Benchmark RC2239

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Lookout Mtn. in 1923 Lookout Mtn. in the 1930s Lookout Mtn. in 1964
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and the U.S. Forest Service