R.I.P. 1921-1936; 1936-1955
Established with a camp in 1920, a 10x10' frame cab was constructed the following year. This 40' pole L-4 tower, built in 1936, was destroyed in 1955. There was also a patrol point 3.5 miles south atop Little Calispell Peak. Known lookout personnel - 1923: Mr. Dunnigan; 1936: Wyatt Moorhead.
Kaniksu/Colville National Forests
19 miles ESE of Colville
Stevens County, Washington
Elevation 6855'
USGS Benchmark TO0829

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Calispell Peak in 1922 Calispell Peak in 1923 Calispell Peak in 1936
Photos courtesy the Washington Digital Archives and the Fire Lookout Museum