R.I.P. 1955-1997
A 40' pole L-4 was built here in 1933. In 1955, the 53' L-4 tower from Churchill Mtn. was moved to Quartz. In 1959, the L-4 cab was removed, the tower trimmed to 30', and an R-6 flat cab affixed to the top. Vandalism plagued the tower after it was abandoned in the 1970's. An act of arson claimed the tower in October 1997. Known lookout personnel - 1950: Mr. & Mrs. D.J. Pfantuch; 1951-1953: Betty Fuchs & Julian Lyons; 1954: Rosemary Reilly; 1955: Carol & Loyd Stafford.
Colville National Forest
6 miles southeast of Republic
Ferry County, Washington
Elevation 4799'

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Quartz Mtn. in 1988
Photo courtesy of Rex Kamstra